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Unsere Philosophie

Nativeness – Sustainability - Quality

Luftagoon embodies modern, high-quality baby and children fashion made from sustainable materials and produced in harmony with man and nature. This implies respect for the people who make our collections, as well as respect towards nature which supplies the raw materials.

Our collections are made almost exclusively from GOTS certified organic cotton (organic cotton). We follow a strictly ecological and socially responsible manufacturing.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) includes recognized guidelines that ensure a sustainable production of textiles worldwide. This process starts with organically cultivation of materials and continues with an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing including transparent labeling. The GOTS standard also regulates the social standards -> no children labor-> fair working conditions and wages! Independent organizations like Ceres or IMO-control check the suppliers regularly.


Organic Cotton

luftagoon Organic cotton from controlled cultivation, that is no use of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides or insecticides. Also, no defoliants or fertilizers are allowed during cultivation. Good for our children, our environment and for all people who harvest, process and wear organic cotton.